Rabideye is Giovanni Spezzacatena. Originally from Montreal, Qc Canada, Giovanni has lived and worked in Montreal, Seattle, Vancouver BC and Powell River, BC where he now resides.

Having gained a BFA and MFA in Animation from Montreal’s Concordia University, he taught at Concordia and later at The Art Institute of Seattle for five years.

After travelling extensively for one year, he relocated to Powell River, BC where he has lived since 2006, focusing on graphic design and fine art production, as well as digital/web design and implementation in recent years, whilst volunteering and working part-time at CJMP 90.1FM and Career Link, where his duties include web and graphic design, social media, audio production/engineering and client services.

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Spezzacatena’s work is informed by his previous experimental animation work, and his graphic design practice, with a focus on irreproducibility and the ‘artefact’ in reaction to mechanically re-produced art practices of High Modernism and the subsequent digitalization of art and its recurring aesthetic in much of contemporary art. His highly textural pieces may be described within a contemporary interpretation of Abstract Expressionism, chance operations, neodada, collage, Art Brut and elements of relief sculpture with conceptual undertones.

His colour palette is diverse and his largely abstract work prominently features circles, with their allusions to celestial bodies, and to natural processes (rain, water drops). Much of his work is executed on (and within) wooden panels, with recurring materials like beeswax, acrylic and inks, carbon, copper and found objects. Since the mid-1990’s, Spezzacatena’s art work has developed from more monotone works dealing with an ephemeral ‘wabi-sabi’ aesthetic to a more visceral, colour infused work featuring gouging and scratching on and into the often wooden surfaces of his work, layering textures, colour, line, and collage elements in evocative and exciting ways.